A head of Dirty Doering’s second tour to Australia, Vision Hound managed to catch a moment of his time to share with us his experiences as a DJ growing up, where he finds inspiration from and what were some of his favourite tracks in his sets from the now defunct Katerholzig club in Berlin.


Tell us something about yourself and how did you get into DJ-ing?

I started DJ-ing at the age of 15 in the south of Germany. One of my best friends had turntables, so we often stayed at his house and spent the whole night DJ-ing.

After I moved to Berlin, I did a lot of after-hours in my flat with a couple of people and nonstop music. Sometimes these parties lasted 48 hours and I met a lot of other DJs there. This is how my DJ thing developed.



Where do you find your inspiration? What keeps you going in tough moments?

I find my inspiration everywhere – when driving a car, going by train…

I get a lot of good ideas in bed before falling asleep.



How would you describe your style of DJ-ing and music production?

Sexy, groovy – it’s  sort of a shake your ass style 😉



Do you prefer playing in clubs or at festivals and why? What’s yours favorite experience you had so far since you started DJ-ing?

I like both – clubs and festivals. Clubs in the winter and festivals in the summer.

I don’t really have a favorite experience. There were so many specials gigs in the last years, so it’s impossible to pick the favorite one.



The Katerholzig was only in existence for 3 years, tell us a bit about the 5 tracks you have chosen and why they are special to your sets a Kater.

Katerholzig was short and extreme. All sets there were special and unique. Special place – special sets.