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Dave Weidinger & Moritz Obermanns are the original members of Mikado, Berlin.  Best known for their work with the infamous Bachstelzen in Germany, legendary institutions Bar 25, Chalet, Ritter Buttzke most recently Katerholzig.  Mikado’s organic design and innovative transformation of materials results in unique yet strangely familiar social spaces, playgrounds for adults, a ferris wheel for your mind!



Vision Hound have collaborated with these fine creators for a select few events for the Australian Summer 2014/15.  Let Them Eat Cake being the first project, followed by Rainbow Serpent Festival Market Stage Juice bar, then later in February  CHI WOW WAH Town.



We took the time to get to know this dynamic duo, who lead a very interesting life combining their passion for music, building, design, traveling and parties.  Heres what they had to say


Tell us a bit about Mikado :

Bunch of long term friends, with one route in common, parties.   A group of like minded artists, we formed our friendship over 15 years ago, core being Dave & Moritz.  Mikado officially started 6 years ago having worked on multiple projects, Fusion Festival seems to be the one place that brings the team together.

We don’t always work together – sometimes solo, very loose in structure but always bound together

We share a love for music, parties, creation and in particular wood and giving new life to old materials.

In summary we are freedom lovers & appreciate the freedom of creation and living.






Where does the inspiration and ideas stem from?

Depends on the situation, budget  & materials.  We always aim to give new life to junk.

Function is important part of our work.   Needs to be engineered well for party people.  Many variables need to be considered.

Unpredictability is important when approaching the job.





How would you best describe your working style?

Dave likes to make the impossible possible.   Lot of ideas try to get round forms out of the square wood…. How to recreate square angles into something more geared to twist, bend &transform.




Moritz is the more practical & calculated of the two.







As well as being extraordinary talented builders both Dave & Moritz are fantastic DJs, check out there soundcloud pages:








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