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BRITTA ARNOLD (Katermukker, Bar25)


Biography Britta Arnold

Britta Arnold has been a key figure of the legendary Bar25, and has now become a cornerstone of the Berlin music scene. Growing up in East Berlin, Britta naturally got involved with electronic from a very early age. The multicultural city, with it‘s underground techno scene of the early 90s, made deep im- pressions on Britta as well as her decision to live outside of conventions and inside the community of the „Wagenburg“ behind the scenes of Bar25.


Unusual for a DJ(ane), Britta did not start her career by spinning records, but directed her path to elect- ronic music by producing her own tracks. In early 2006 she joined studio sessions with Matt John, and, as a result, she released her first tracks on the Silverbird Casino CD Compilation. It was also during that summer that she eventually embarked on playing her first sets at Bar25. Soon after, Britta and friends founded the Bar25 label in order to offer a platform for the somewhat unknown artists of the popular „wooden shed on the river Spree“. For the following three years Britta would work at the very heart of the Berlin Techno- and Minimal sound. As label manager and A&R of Bar25, she would also determine a certain feel for the right tracks and the next releases.


During the 2009 summer season Britta once again focused on pursuing her professional career as a DJ(ane). An entirely new and unique sound characterized her endlessly-seeming and unforgettable sets at Bar25. Her deep sound, that goes directly to the head, and is also at the center of her later produc- tions. Since 2010 Britta steadily releases tracks with friends and colleagues on labels such as Dantze, Bar25 and most recently Katermukke.

In 2011 Britta built her own playground at Kater Holzig: together with her artist colleagues Mira and Steffilotta she hosts the popular Thursday party series „Schachmatt“. More recently she founded her own Sunday edition „Grr mitt Brr“, for which she invites her artist friends once a month.


Britta‘s sets can be characterized by a certain mix of technoid-like and playful psycho-sounds, com- bined with surprisingly funny tracks as well as emotional after hour tunes. Dancers and listeners are brought to another sphere and, as you would expect of anything in the tradition of Bar25, they will soon find themselves floating in some kind of a parallel universe.


There is a lot more to come from this young, talented DJ(ane), who keeps on enchanting with her un- conventional music.