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In many cities of Germany he has already left his mark and in 2011 he finally arrived in Berlin. The closeness of home and his many friends based in Berlin are the reasons for this decision.
Full of motivation, creative drive and clear ambitions he has accepted the challenge of Berlin.


During his stay in Karlsruhe over the last 4 years, he was able to meet many talented artists in the electronic music scene. Working together on projects like open airs, parties at the “CULTeum” or the legendary afterhour parties, he began to become a part and established his presence in this world. The collaboration with this music scene in Karlsruhe opened the doors to Ibiza in 2011. Working under the flag of the “CAPADI REBELS”, he played in the radioshow “IBIZA GLOBAL RADIO”, the Delano Beach Club and several private villa parties.


Founded in 2011, his label “listenanddance” gave him and his friends a platform to present themselves. It gave them the opportunity to develop a network of artists seeking the same goal: simply good music!
Those who know and have heard Gunnar’s sound, know that the night could become endless, when he starts dropping his tech house records out to the floor. He is currently studying sound engineering at the “Deutsche-Pop” Akademy in Berlin and believes this influence will be important to guarantee the highest quality of Club sounds, as we all know good music starts with a good DJ!