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It is a story like from the Techno-picture book: first youth room productions and then the whole world. All love the Berlin producer Rampue. Not only because he has remained the sympathetic guy with a tendency towards trashy humour, but above all because he has played with all his heart and heads with his straightforward, lovingly composed live sets. Techno, who reacts to the sun, like the sea on the moon, House inhaled by pop and lays down on the dance floor as a towing bass thunderstorm. With this, Rampue was not only one of the first international hype sounds, but also remained one of the best.

As part of Audiolith Records, Rampue proves that technokuchen is no longer shared among the same labels. In recent years, he has played around the world and has managed to win thousands of friends and fans in every corner of the planet without a promo. Fusion Festival, Burning Man, Beirut, Istanbul, Kiev: Rampue does not move from disco to disco but from continent to continent, leaving behind a trace of love. What else do you need to know about him? Ah, his cat has its own Facebook page.