The Vibrance of The Lamb

FACT: Lamb are old school vibe masters, of the highest order. This Spring let the spring lamb help you exceed your potential and destroy your fears. Make some memories compadres, on this sacred weekend of hard relaxation and lamb marination.

The Ranch is opening its doors for friends, family and new acquaintances on November 14-15. We’re getting the band back together for a weekend of camping, relaxing and dancing on The Mornington Peninsula.

The weekend of relaxation begins with a long lunch of whole roast spring lamb, culled freshly for this very occasion, this young vibrant four legged fluff bucket will make the centre piece of a luscious feast of locally sourced produce presented by Soundfood.

The Ranch is in an environment unlike any other, a playground for adults, a ferris wheel for your mind!

Vision hound will be road testing their newest multi dimensional art installations and spatial oddities.

When you have found yourself too relaxed or struggling to unchain yourself from symptoms of smart phone anxiety, seek solace in shamanic crystal temple zone of mystery. Or maybe you need a retreat from the retreat? Open air cinema screenings, or hubby hot tubs will be available for young and old.

The Ranch is one hour from Melbourne. This is a weekend of fun, art and community to be shared with our like minded friends and new friends.

This event is dependent on active participation and a community of conscious likeminded individuals, connecting and looking our for each other. This isn’t a doof or a club, its a chance to gather round the sound in a safe luscious place – keep this in mind when assembling your crew.




Gather Round The Sound: